gaspara stampa

Gaspara Stampa (1523 – 23 tháng 4 năm 1554) – nữ nhà thơ Ý thời Phục Hưng. Sinh thời bà không được coi là nhà thơ nổi tiếng, vinh quang chỉ đến vào thời . Gaspara Stampa (1523 – 23 April 1554) was an Italian poet. She is considered to have been the greatest woman poet of the Italian Renaissance, and she is . Gaspara Stampa was a 16th-century poet, musician, and singer born in Padua, Italy. Following her father's death in the 1530s, she and her mother moved to . Browse through Gaspara Stampa's poems and quotes. 14 poems of Gaspara Stampa. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. In the 16th century a revolution took place for women poets in Italy and Gaspara Stampa (1523-1554) was one of the strongest voices of the period. She is not . Gaspara Stampa was an Italian poet of the 16th century whose life was tragically cut short through illness. Some would suggest though that she might have died . Gaspara Stampa was born in Padua in 1523 to her mother Cecelia and father Bartolomeo Stampa, who had been a wealthy jeweler. She had two siblings, . 11 thg 1, 2018 - Introduction. Gaspara Stampa (b. c. 1523–d. 1554) was born in Padua to Bartolomeo, a wealthy jewel merchant, and his wife, Cecilia. From an . Gaspara Stampa (1523-54) is considered the greatest woman poet of the Italian Renaissance, and she is regarded by many as the greatest Italian woman poet .

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