underswap sans x reader

underswap sans x reader

Welcome to the land of Underswap! Story and cover by Sanssocool. Undertale belongs to Toby Foxx. Hello! I have had someone request me do a blueberry sans lemon so here it is! Enjoy! Read Underswap Sans X Reader from the story UNDERTALE X READER by LovelyBones97 with 1181 reads. grillby, asreil, sans. This was a request made by . 28 Jul 2016 - 'Human, you are very huggy today!' 'Mmm.' You fallen into the underground a few months ago, hiding up on Mt. Ebott away from the village to . 4 Apr 2016 - Before you even had time to say 'what', you felt a force crash into you. If not for th. It's A Date! Underswap!Sans x Reader. 30 Dec 2015 - Snow as far as the eye can see. You had only been walking a few minutes but you were getting tired. You saw something up ahead, it looked . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Read The SkeleHouse from the story The Cute Skeleton (Underswap!Sans X reader) by PinkSmiley123 with 779 reads. blueber. 9 Apr 2016 - So, pretty much this is just a oneshot I wrote about a week ago. It was originally posted on my quot.


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